Keralam Museum of History & Heritage

Keralam Museum of History & Heritage is Kerala State's First Thematic interactive museum .This Museum is a joint venture of Department of Tourism and Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala. The museum is housed in a heritage building constructed for the residence of the Chief Secretary to Government of the erstwhile Princely State of Travancore. Based on theme of 'Kerala through ages' from pre-history to modern times, the museum has a wide range of objects that include bronze sculptures, ancient coins, murals, woodworks, stone implements, specimens from the Neolithic Age, burial accessories used in the Iron Age, and many other things that shed light into the cultural traditions, art, architecture, lifestyle, customs, and inheritance of Kerala. Narrative descriptions are provided for many objects to explain their background for interested viewers. Multimedia systems, touch-screen kiosks, and other aspects of modern technology are used in all the galleries to ensure and enhance visitors' comfort.

Important Displays in the Museum

  • Stone axes or celts, which signify that Kerala was inhabited during the Neolithic Age
  • Black and Red-tinged bowl and jar that were used as burial accessories in the Iron Age
  • A Roman Silver coin 'Dinari' which is proof for Kerala's maritime trade relations with Rome
  • Palm leaf manuscripts and Copper plate in Sanskrit and Malayalam.
  • Wooden Brahma sculpture of 14th Century
  • Stone sculpture of Lord Shiva's Bhoothagana of 16" Century
  • A 16th century Bronze sculpture of Nataraja in the tandava-nritya pose
  • Murals of the 17th century from Pundarikapuram Temple in Thalayolaparambu in Kottayam
  • Thamburu made of terracotta
  • Sword of Diwan Sir. T. Madhava Rao, the former Diwan of Travancore
  • Traditional Kerala Nalukettu and Kitchen.

Information for Visitors

  • Those who need group reservations should contact the reception desk
  • Parking facility is available in front of the Napier Museum
  • Visitors cannot smoke, eat, or drink while they are inside the museum
  • Video recording inside the museum is restricted

Ticket Rates

Adults                                   -   Rs. 20/- 
Children (5-12 yrs)       -   Rs. 10/-
Foreigners                         -    Rs. 200/-
Foreigners Children    -    Rs. 50/-
Still Camera                      -    Rs.25/-


10.00 AM to 05:00 PM
Open on all days except on public holidays and Mondays.


Keralam Museum of History & Heritage,
Park View,Vikas Bhavan P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695033
Tel: +91 471 2320231, 9188847937