Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Kottur

The centre situates in the Agasthyavanam Biological Park Range.
Here you will get a chance to experience the wild like no other. Apart from being in the company of elephants, you can also engage in a host of activities here. 

Visitors arriving at 8 AM will get to watch the elephants being given a bath.
If you reach around 10 AM, you get to watch the elephants being fed by their handlers. 
Accommodation is available in the cottages at the centre itself. A canteen has also been set up on the premises. 

The centre offers pedal boating or bamboo rafting. 

Trekking facilities are also available here. The 3km trek takes you to the top of Kizhakkumalappara. 

The Children’s Park here also offers a dedicated play area for kids. 

One-day, two-day or three-day nature camps are also conducted here for school and colleges. These camps include free food and accommodation as well. 

For more information, contact: 07025006757