Varkala Beach

A popular sea side destination, Varkala, has an international reputation thanks to its picturesque red laterite cliff that rise majestically from its coastline. With the blue cool sea and the sun-kissed shores, the beach creates a perfect ambience for playing in the surf and soaking up some sun. It is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea.

Varkala is also a popular religious centre. For the believer, this beach popularly known by the name, Papanasam is a paradise that washes away all the sins. Composed backwaters, natural mineral springs and isolated cloves make this place unique. Varkala has other tourist spots like the famous 2000-year-old Janardhana Swami Temple and Sivagiri Mutt, the final resting place of the social reformer, Sree Narayana Guru, atop a hill called Sivagiri. Varkala offers one with both adventure and tourism options such as like boat rides, horse rides, parasailing etc.

Varkala Tunnel is a popular tourist destination in Varkala. Sir T. Madhava Rao the Diwan of Travancore took 14 years to build this 924 ft long tunnel.

Ponnumthuruthu Island or the Golden Island is a celebrated tourist spot in Varkala. One can reach the island by taking a boat from Nedunganda. The lush island with an enchanting atmosphere is enriched with vibrant varieties of flora and fauna. The boat jetty at Nedunganda village from where the journey to Ponnumthuruthu starts itself is peculiar. It is a makeshift jetty and the walkway to the ferry is made up of coconut husk, mud and the waste from coir.

The Varkala cliff is a rare and unique geographical characteristic. These Cenozoic sedimentary formation cliffs are also known among geologists as Varkala Formation and a geological monument as declared by the Geological Survey of India.

A well maintained aquarium with exotic species including piranha, sea snakes, scorpion fish and the local karimeen is another tourist attraction.