Shankhumukham Beach

A pleasant beach, located at a distance of 8km from Thiruvananthapuram city, Shankhumukham which is as pretty as a picture gets thronged by scores of people every day. The golden sand and the composing sun along with an exceptionally beautiful sunset make this a favourite haunt of tourists. Shankhumukham is famous for the gigantic sculpture of 35 m long matsya kanyaka (mermaid) made by the renowned sculptor Sri Kanai Kunjiraman. Other tourist attractions include a children’s park, the Take-a-Break amenity centre under DTPC and Chacha Nehru Traffic Training Park that gives children an opportunity to learn traffic rules. Attractions in Shankhumukham also include the Old Coffee House, restaurants, amusement park and Muthuchippy Park. Shankhumukham is also famous for the arattumandapam (a stone structure) near the beach where the holy bath of Lord Padmanabha (arattu) take place.